GOODMANS GIN blends creativity, courage, independence into a quality product.


The Gin

GOODMANS GIN® is 100% grain alcohol based, distilled dry gin and contains natural botanicals in it's finest form.

Based on our recipe, input from friends and spirit connaisseurs we have created a perfect balans of the ingredients.

Then tasted all night long, until dawn. Then tasted again and again.

GOODMANS GIN 1 Liter Bottle

The taste is extremely smooth,  well blended, clean and fresh.

Adding great tonic and flavors like ginger, lime, grape, orange, creates a perfect cocktail.

With 44% alcohol by volume, the gin has plenty of character yet very accessible for the gin newbie.

Mix it or enjoy it just on the rocks or neat!

GOODMANS GIN reflects what we appreciate in an outstanding  product; handcrafted, authentic and unique.

That's why every bottle carries our handwritten batch and serial number.

GOODMANS GIN is produced and bottled in The Hague, the Netherlands, EU.



USA Double Gold Medal at The Fifty Best Gins, 2016.

UK 4 Star rating at the Diffords Guide, 2015.

USA 4 Star rating at the Gin is in blog, 2014.

The Story behind GOODMANS GIN

Our idea to start a new Southernmost point USAadventure was born in Key West, the southernmost point of Florida, USA.


My first visit to the Keys was in 1997 and I stayed in a small, peaceful hotel. Full of character and almost hidden in the lush tropical setting. In this little paradise all is perfect and time is ticking away at a very slow pace.


Daily at 5 o'clock in the afternoon a tiny, mobile bar was placed in the pool area so the guests could pour themselves a nice cold beverage. On offer were a wide range of softdrinks and hard liquor for the less fainthearted.  

Hotel guests gathered around this little bar and soon got involved in enthusiastic and colorful conversations with each other.

We call him Joe, a world famous musician. A Hollywood make up artist and a woman that stayed at the hotel to write her 4th novel. There was a biker couple, they just drove all the way down from Alaska. A surgeon and his wife from the UK celebrating their honeymoon.

I guess you get the picture.

While mingling with my fellow travellers, talking about our lives and interests, I took some sips from my G&T and suddenly an inspiring thought came up:

"Since I am a longtime admirer and consumer of gin, wouldn't it be quite an experience to create a gin myself. A quality spirit that goes exceptionally well with almost everything you mix it up with, still has it's own character and gives you the at home feeling even when being far, far, away.


Gin with a similar heart and soul as what the Keys and the hotel are about; creativity, independence, courage and true interest in people and environment.”

Picking up on the chatting again, I got distracted and the thought evaporated.


The tiny, mobile bar opened at 5 o'clock

Time went by and life goes on. Over time, my weak spot for this remarkable place turned out to be contagious and frequent revisits were made.


Finally, in 2014 the idea really sparked to life! In our home town I contacted a historic little distiller that is famous for their quality products and laid down our plan.

The vision to make an unique gin capturing our experiences became a reality and in 2014 GOODMANS GIN® saw the light.


Starts at the introduction on June 1st 2014, followed by great reviews and publications. All you can find on our news pages.


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